“Hidden Symptoms” Lead to Undetected Heart Disease

When I talk about my Heart Disease symptoms, I like to refer to them as “Hidden Symptoms” because much like the movie Hidden Figures… no one knew they existed. To clarify, the symptoms I was experiencing were going undetected in regards to being linked with Heart Disease.

Why??? Because I was considered to be perfectly healthy with no known heath issues. Typically, people diagnosed with Heart Disease also have been diagnosed with other associated health issues for example: High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Obesity, etc…

I didn’t have any of these conditions so the symptoms I was experiencing were being explained away… or attributed to other causes. Here’s a list of my symptoms and the correlating explanations:

Chronic Back Pain: This was my major symptom. The pain was so constant that when the doctor first asked me if I had back pain, I said no… that’s how much I had learned to live with it. Explanation: I had been in a car accident years ago and the pain was being associated with the accident. Post-surgery, the back pain has been alleviated by about 90%.

Fatigue: My schedule is and has always been super busy… long work hours and a very busy personal life so there was no need to question why I was tired. I was told that I just needed to slow down a bit.

Periodic Swelling in the Left Leg: I spend a lot of time sitting at a desk. Explanation: I had too much of a sedentary lifestyle and needed to exercise more.

Shortness of Breath When Carrying Heavy Items Upstairs: I needed to exercise more.

Cough: I never even realized I had a constant dry cough, that is until close family and friends mentioned it to me after they learned of my diagnosis.

HEART PALPITATION: This was that "Little Flutter" in the base of my neck where the collar bones come together. It lasted no more than 10-20 seconds, and it was the ONLY symptom that ever made my doctor and me consider my heart health.

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